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Embroidered Pet ID Collars

This is a great business idea if you are handy with a sewing machine.

You can solve a problem that's more common than most people realize, that of dog and cat tags falling off or getting lost.

Start a small business eliminating this worry for pet owners by embroidering ready made collars with a pets name and contact information on them. Check out this Dog Collar Id Website for an example of this business idea.

If you like to sew and already have a machine that does embroidery this is a perfect small business idea for you.

Many people have pets that just cannot hang on to their name tags. Who knows what happens to them, but they do seem to disappear on a regular basis.

Offering a service that embroiders all the important ID information needed on a collar will help a pet owner have much more peace of mind about their pet.

If the pet gets lost and the tags are missing it’s much harder to find your missing dog or cat, but if they are wearing one of your embroidered ID collars, the chances of a reunion are much more likely.

You will also solve another problem that many dog owners have.

The tags that are supplied for dog and cat licenses, rabies shots etc., are usually made of cheap metals such as aluminum and they end up leaving grey residue on the animals coat, and can also cause irritation.

One of your embroidered pet ID collars will be especially appreciated by owners with dogs who have light colored coats and you will be helping them keep their pet looking extra sharp and eliminating the irritation too.

You could sell these attractive customized collars for about $25 each.

Offer them in lots of fun colors and embroidery designs. You don’t just have to embroider the pertinent info, add extra embellishments too such as embroidered flowers, bones, etc.

You should be able to buy the collars in bulk from a wholesaler for an inexpensive price which will keep your costs down and increase your profit margin.

You could also make the collars yourself if you want to add some artistic design and fashion savvy to your business.

If you decide to make your own be sure to choose durable, washable fabrics and quality buckles so your collars will be secure and easy to care for.

And perhaps you can even make them a little more comfortable with some padding, perhaps if collars were more comfortable, they might stay on the pet longer.

There are many new high tech sewing machines on the market that can make this project easy to do, whether you are an expert sewer or not.

If you don't own one already look into how much it might cost to purchase an embroidery machine that could accomplish this task easily.


If you do not own a sewing machine with embroidery functions you will first have to price them to see if this is something you can afford for your business idea start up. (And if you have always wanted to have a embroidery sewing machine, now you have a good excuse – you can write if off as a business expense on your taxes!)

Your other initial investments will be in thread, collars and fabric if you decide to make your own collars.

To get this business idea off the ground it would be good to get initial and continued exposure by bringing samples of your collars to various venues where pet owners might be interested.

Make brochures explaining your service with your contact information and your website if you have one and take them to flea markets and fairs.

Go to your local feed supply, pet shops, kennels, pet daycare, grooming centers, and veterinarian's offices and tell them about your service and ask if you can leave brochures.

This is such a unique and helpful idea that the people working at these places will probably be happy to mention your business to clients.

And that will ultimately lead to one of your greatest sources of advertising – word of mouth. It’s the best advertising you could have.

You could even start by making collars for friends and relatives to get the ball rolling. Make sure you have a collar on your pet and take it out walking in public areas, especially dog walking trails where it will be admired by other pet owners.

Your collars will be seen and talked about and word will spread quickly.

Be sure you contact your local paper and any other local periodicals of interest and give them a press release. This will make an interesting topic so you may even be featured in an article.

You can even extend the scope of this idea to humans.

It would be an excellent business idea to provide wristbands for Alzheimer patients that have a habit of wandering-off or for toddlers that wander in stores and other crowded places.

You could offer a second business doing the same thing for other types of customers. Your wristbands could become a popular item to wear if they are attractive enough.

This is one of those small business ideas that would be especially suitable for a stay at home mom.

You would be creating a home based business to provide an income while at the same time solving a problem and providing a useful service for pet owners.

If you do not already have a suitable sewing machine you will probably want to buy a sewing machine from a local reputable supplier so you can have it serviced and repaired easily when needed.

Or you can do a search online, there are many resources to find good machines including AllBrands Embroidery Sewing Machines.

AllBrands has a nice supply of embroidery disks too, you can check out what they have under embroidery software on their site.

It never hurts to check eBay for a good deal either.

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