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Make Pet Toys

This business idea is great for a crafts lover who would like to explore a unique niche making and selling pet toys.

I don’t know about you but as a dog owner I find the dog toys selection at most pet stores and department stores to be quite lacking in quality and ingenuity and just plain interest for my dog.

Many pet owners feel as if their pet is an extension of their family, almost like one of their children, and they want to provide their pet with toys that the pet will enjoy and that will not fall apart quickly like most pet store items do.

They would also like to find toys that will distract their pet from chewing on household items such as shoes and furniture.

Do you know why most pets prefer to chew on their homeowners belongings instead of the shiny new store bought pet toy?

A pet will choose something homemade over something store bought because the smell of the items in the home is what appeals to them, the store bought toys do not have this scent of home which has such an appeal to your pet.

Now this smell factor is something you can add to your toys to make them very popular with pets and pet owners and will also present a unique marketing angle for you.

I found an interesting ebook that inspired this idea, Make Your Own Homemade Dog Toys, and I thought that not only would it be great to learn how to do this for your own pet, but it could be the start of a unique business idea too.

Learning to make these toys according to the ebook is easy and you will naturally add those attractive homemade scents to the toys as you make them.

Start up costs would be inexpensive for this business idea and marketing would be easy too.

And you could have a decent mark up on the toys since they would be inexpensive to make thereby making your profit worthwhile.

You could start just by giving away your homemade pet toys to friends and family members to get word of mouth buzz started.


Create an attractive brochure that lists some of your toys and prices and also educates the pet owner about the benefit of homemade dog toys vs. store bought, ie, quality, the smell factor, etc.

And be sure to highlight how your toys can help solve the pet chewing problem too.

Leave your brochures with pet care centers, pet groomers, veterinarians, shelters and any other places that you can get exposure.

Find craft fairs and flea markets to exhibit your toys at, I’m sure you can make a lot of sales this way.

Think about how interesting your booth would be at a regular crafts fair, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pet toy booth at any craft fair I’ve been too.

You could also create a website to sell your toys on; this would be a way to reach a bigger market than just your local area.

If you would love to work at home and this business idea interests you, all you need is some enthusiasm, crafting skills and a small budget to purchase supplies and print brochures.

And then you'll be ready to get a great home based business off the ground.

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