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Put Things Together

This business idea is for you if you actually enjoy reading instructions and putting things like furniture and toys together.

Do you have the ability to easily understand instructions and intuitively know how items work and fit together?

Many people simply don't have the ability to do this, and even if they did most are too busy or just plain frustrated to take the time.

In fact, many people are overwhelmed with instructions.

They purchase products and then when it comes to assembly, they spend hours trying to get everything to fit together right.

If you have a natural ability to understand instructions and love building things, then you can probably make a great income from it!

There are actually people that make a full or part time income with this business idea.

We live more and more in a do it yourself and prefab world, and many products that people purchase now usually require some assembly.

Furniture, electronics, children's toys, recreational equipment and more can all require some assembly.

Just think of all the non-techies who bring home a computer and then feel their nervous system go into overload when they start to take everything out of the box.


And since it’s a big financial purchase, they do not want to do it wrong!

This would be a simple business to start, especially as a sideline business.

You would simply contact local retailers that sell furniture, complex electronics and other items that require assembly and let them know about your services.

Many stores offer these products but do not have a service that will help put the product together.

Let them know that you can offer this service to their customers. They will then refer you to any customers that request this assistance.

You complete the project and the customer pays you for the finished product.

You should have all the tools you will need for assembly in your garage or basement so there is no initial cost for tools.

Most assemblies only use a screwdriver and maybe a hammer unless they provide special tools for their product.

And others simply require knowing which plug goes where, and all require understanding and correctly following directions.

You can provide this service at your customer’s home which would usually be more feasible. But some items you could do at home and deliver to the client.

You would have to decide on a fee schedule based on what you would hope to earn per hour.

You could decide to charge by the hour, or perhaps have some set fees, such as complete computer set up for $50.00.

Next, you will need some business cards. These are easy to create on a home computer (or you can use a printing service like the ones offered at Office Depot or Office Max).

If using a home computer, programs like MS Works, MS Word, or Publisher make it easy to create business cards.

You can purchase inexpensive business card blanks at any office supply store to print on your own printer.

Then begin your rounds. Visit the retailers and ask to speak with their department manager. Tell them what you are doing and give them several business cards.

Make sure you look professional enough to make a good impression, but this type of visit does not require a suit and tie.

Also be prepared to talk about your skills knowledgeably, and provide any references from previous clients or other stores so the store owner or manager feels you are credible.

Make sure to stop by periodically to refresh the supply of business cards.

This is one of those small business ideas that could work for a kid too.

A teen electronics whiz or aspiring carpenter could do a few assemblies a week and enjoy the flexibility and educational benefits of having their own business.

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