144 Products To Sell On eBay

Are You Ready For The Treasure Hunt?

products-to-sell-on-eBay This series of articles started out as 101 products to sell on eBay!, but my list keeps growing. 101 sounds more catchy I know, but I’m sure you would rather have the extra ideas.

Now figuring out what to sell on eBay can be a challenge, or it can become a fun treasure hunt, depending on how you go about it.

More than 724,000 Americans report that eBay is their primary or secondary source of income.

In addition to these professional eBay sellers, another 1.5 million individuals say they supplement their income by selling on eBay.

This really is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to start a home based business.

Whether you want to start a serious selling on eBay business or just need to make some fast cash to supplement your income, eBay is probably the number one choice for a fast way to get in business and make some money.

Now if you’re just starting out and want to get in on the action I hope this series of articles will help solve the problem of finding products to sell on eBay.

I cover many of these ideas in more detail in the selling on eBay business ideas articles, but there are more ideas here than I have articles for at the moment, so I wanted to start a list to get them out there for you.

Of course the best advice to get started is to look for things lying around the house, offer to sell things for your friends and relatives, garage sales and flea markets, and consignment sales.

This gives you some experience and starts to give you a feel for what kind of items you would prefer to sell.

It’s always helpful to have a niche in any business idea, and the same is true on eBay.

Whether it’s a certain type of collectible, liquidation, clothing, decorative item, electronics and more, if you decide to focus on a certain niche you will become much more focused on finding items to sell and it will be easier to find them too.

...Attention creates demand, and when you focus on something you do start attracting it (and sources of it), into your life.

So with that said, before we get started with 144 ideas for things to sell on eBay, I have to drive home a very important piece of advice… Research, Research, Research!

Whatever niche you decide to explore in finding products to sell on eBay, do your research well (on eBay of course), to see what products sell and how other sellers are doing in the niche.

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Time to get started with our treasure hunt ...

144 Ideas For Products To Sell On eBay

1. Plus size designer clothing – find good quality items at thrift stores and on clearance sales in department stores. Even if no one wanted it at your local Neiman Marcus, eBay is a worldwide market place and it might be just what someone is looking for in a small town where they don’t have access to great shopping – like me!

2. Designer clothes & Accessories. This same theory applies for other items such as designer shoes, designer jeans, men’s designer clothing, etc. There are eBay sellers making a full time living just by shopping clearance sales at high end stores and selling the items on eBay. If you live in a large metropolitan area with close access to a lot of malls and shops, and you have a good eye for designer bargains this form of retail arbitrage could work for you.

3. Sci Fi collectibles. Are you a trekkie or a Star Wars fanatic? Specialize in finding these types of collectibles to sell on Ebay.

4. Vintage Levi’s jeans. And vintage can mean even 80's and 90's for some of the more popular styles.

4. High end sweaters. These are a great sell on ebay, especially upscale like Eileen Fisher and others.

5. Jeanne Englehart's Flax and Blue Fish. These are very popular with the comfort clothing crowd and even have Yahoo forums devoted to them. Consider other comfort clothes brands here too and also comfort shoes such as Birkenstock and Doc Martins.

6. Children’s brand name clothing. Brands like Gymboree are great, and it works better if you get a lot of good quality and name brand items very cheaply at garage sales and clearance sales and sell a small lots rather than individual pieces.

7. Wholesale Lots by the piece. You can find wholesale lots of Gymboree and other items on eBay that you can buy and sell the pieces individually or as small lots. See Business Idea - eBay Wholesale Lots for more info.

8. Gift certificates, gift cards and coupons. Baby product coupons, Victoria’s secret, free gift coupons and money off coupons all sell. See Business Idea – Recycle Gift Cards On eBay for a unique twist on this idea.

9. Children’s collectible toys. Popular toys such as My Little Pony, Polly Pocket and others sell on eBay. Research to see which ones are popular.
And if you would really like a resource where someone else has already done a lot of the research for you check out Garage Sale Secrets.

This guide is only $17.00 and helps you find the stuff that no one else even knows is valuable at garage sales.

Wouldn't it be fun to go to garage and estate sales knowing that you don't have to fight with the other sellers over the obvious collectibles?

You will be able to find the hidden treasures that can make money on eBay for you that no one else even knows about.

10. Tin lunchboxes, Remember the kind you had as a kid? They are highly collectible now.

11. Used Cell Phones. There are lots of these lying around and believe it or not many sell for good money on eBay.

12. Lego Sets – especially certain collectible ones. There is a whole market and even websites just for this item. Check it out on eBay to see what I mean:

And for more information about children's collectible toys see Business Idea – Selling Collectible Children’s Toys On eBay.

Well it's time to take a little break here and start a new page, as I said this is a series of articles and I have to break them up otherwise it will just get to long.

When you are ready continue on to 144 Products To Sell On eBay - Part 2.

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