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How about some creative small business ideas for those of us with a more artistic or crafty bent?

The term “starving artist” has been around for ages and of course it’s not fun if it actually describes you.

So if you have some skills or even just a love of arts and crafts then perhaps you could find a good idea here to help you make a part time and perhaps even a full time income.

And not all these ideas even involve being artistically talented.

Perhaps you can make a living helping other artists by running a unique studio, or representing artists work to local businesses.

And there are many people who make a living featuring their goods at local flea markets and craft fairs; it’s one of the best ways to get exposure for your work.

Of course most artists get to work from home or a studio which is one of the wonderful benefits of being able to make a living doing what you love.

I love to see artists and crafts people succeed, to be able to satisfy their need to create and also make a living at it.

And we need these people, the world would be a much drabber and more boring place without them.

So if you are looking for some money making ideas that allow you to satisfy your creative longings too, check out some of the business ideas listed here for some inspiration.

Making Greeting Cards as a Home-Based Business
While there are certainly any number of greeting cards in the stores and even along the counters of some convenience marts, there are those who prefer to have more personalized and edgier fare than what they can find there.

How to Market Handcrafted Items
It has no doubt occurred to you that perhaps there is some money to be made from your talent, and you might very well be right, it is just a matter of learning how to market your handcrafted items.

Invention History Art

This business idea tapes into the history of invention. Old patents are interesting. Who created and patented the first telephone? Phonograph? Automobile?

Make Geographical Incense
This business idea taps into the growing trend of aromatherapy and also a bit of nostalgia too.

Kanji Names
With this business idea you can start a business where you paint, print, or write someone's name in Kanji characters with their English name under it.

Repurpose Old Tires
If you have a fun and quirky creative nature this business idea just may be for you. How about making planters and other creations out of old tires? Customers will love that you are recycling and reusing them.

Make Pet Toys
This business idea is great for a crafts lover who would like to explore a unique niche making and selling pet toys.

Custom Lamps
This business idea is all about turning odds-and-ends and unusual items into lamps and light sculptures.

Custom Lampshades
This business idea carries on with our lamp theme by designing and making custom lampshades.

Embroidered Pet ID Collars
It’s more common problem than most people realize, dog and cat collars falling of or getting lost. You could solve this problem by embroidering ready made collars with a pets name and contact information.

Public Domain Information Products
You can use public domain works to create art prints, note-cards, posters, decorative items and more to sell on your website or through other channels.

Play Silks
I have thought about this business idea for a couple of years now. I first discovered play silks when I was researching some information on silk dyeing.

Kid’s Craft Classes
If you love to do crafts and feel comfortable teaching you could develop a business idea teaching craft classes to area kids.

Faux Finisher & Murals
Faux finishing and mural painting might be a business idea to consider if you have some basic artistic and/or painting skills.

Event Photography & Scrapbook Service
With this business idea you can tap into your creative skills both as a photographer and as a scrapbooking enthusiast.

Catchy Phrases, Photos & Graphics Designer
Would you like a business idea that allows you to design clothing, office supplies and more with your own phrases, graphics or photos?

Custom Name Posters
This business idea is for the person who has an artistic side and likes to play with graphics and altered art ideas.

Stencil Artist
Developing a business idea around the art of stenciling can be a great creative outlet and lucrative money making money making idea for someone who loves home decorating and has some artistic skills.

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