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One of the easiest types of small business ideas to start is anything having to do with people having fun or celebrating life events, milestones and holidays.

And these are fun businesses to have!

The major requirements would be that you enjoy working with people, and depending on the business, excellent planning and organizational skills are a must too.

When you think of all the events that happen in people’s lives the opportunities for unique business ideas is practically endless.

People want to be entertained, have fun and most of all celebrate when the big occasions in life come along.

And in our world today many are doing it on a very large scale, which means most people need to hire some type of help with the event.

Everything from planning, providing various services, cleanup, etc., provides inspiration for a business idea you can begin.

And you are not only limited to major events like birthday parties and weddings.

There are a multitude of special events and celebrations during the year, and you'll find ideas here that provide services for many of them.

So check out the listings below and see if you can find a party, celebration or event business idea that is perfect for you.

Holiday & Event Decorator

If you have a passion for decorating and especially like seasonal decorating and sprucing up your home for holidays you might want to consider a business as a Holiday & Event Decorator.

Event Bartending Service
This next business idea is a great idea to make an extra side income as a freelance bartender, or you can start your own business providing bartending services for wedding receptions, fund raisers and other special events.

Yard Card Greeting Service
Have you ever driven by a yard filled with a flock of pink flamingos and wondered what was that all about? Well it's a yard card, a new, fun form of greeting card that's a bit of a practical joke.

Butterly Event Service
When I heard about this business idea I thought how lovely! This business idea is about cultivating a steady supply of butterflies and having a service that releases them at special occasions.

Niche Party Planner
This business idea is all about fun and parties. You’ve probably heard of children’s birthday party planning services. But there are so many more occasions that people want to celebrate and may require party planning services for.

Celebrity for a Night
With this business idea you can make someone feel very special for a night out on the town, especially if you live in an area that has many popular nightclubs.

Event Planning
Event planning as a business idea can cover many different niches including parties, conferences, meetings, weddings, holiday events and more.

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