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Are you looking for small business ideas working with animals and pets?

Pets are an important part of our society, in most households loved and treated as a member of the family.

According to the U.S. Humane Society, there are more than 78 million dogs owned as pets in the United States. And twenty-five percent of these pet owners have two dogs.

This same study says that there are more than 90 million cats owned as pets in the United States also, and fifty-six percent of these pet owners have more than one cat.

That’s almost half the households in America, and approximately 170 million pets.

And pet ownership isn’t popular only in the US. There are over five million cat owners in the UK and of these, 38 percent have more than one cat. France and Germany also maintain high pet ownership statistics. In Japan, one in three households has a pet.

This is a great market to tap into, especially if you are an animal lover.

And you’ll find some fun, unique and creative small business ideas in my Animals and Pets section to get you started.

Pet Photography
Start your own pet photography business! If you have a camera and a computer with a printer, you can start your own business! Even though it seems like everyone has a digital camera these days, many people still like to have professional photographers doing portraits for them, especially when those portraits are of children or pets.

Teaching Dog Obedience
There is an old saying that when you see a dog being a nuisance, the real fault is with the owner. Most people buy a dog and perhaps buy a book on dog training, but never get beyond page two.

Animal Security Systems Installation

Animal Breeders and Farmers are increasingly following the example of business everywhere and starting to install Security Cameras and systems in their barns and kennels.

Embroidered Safety Pet Collars
Another great animal security business idea would be providing a solution to the never-ending problem of dogs and cats losing their tags.

Pet Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories Designer
Do you like to sew, are you crafty and enjoy making jewelry or other accessories. Are you a potter or a carpenter with a creative, artistic side? Well instead of creative fashion, jewelry, accessories for humans how about making them for pets instead?

Pet Odor Removal
This is a business idea helping pet owners. Sick or untrained pets can urinate on carpets and for some pet owners urine can be something that they must deal with on a daily basis.

Specialty Dog Groomer
Now this business idea covers a niche in the grooming business, specialty dog grooming. There are some types of dogs that are just more difficult to groom, or have special grooming requirements such as prized show dogs.

Make Pet Toys
This business idea is great for a crafts lover who would like to explore a unique niche making and selling pet toys.

Mobile Pet Groomer
If you liked business idea – Specialty Dog Groomer, you may be interested in this idea too. Many people who have pets that need to be groomed find it hard to get their pet to the groomers when needed.

Butterfly Event Service
When I heard about this business idea I thought how lovely! This business idea is about cultivating a steady supply of butterflies and having a service that releases them at special occasions.

Pet Yard Pickup
This is one of the simplest business ideas I have found and a very easy business to start. And with all the pet owners around the world, there is a constant supply of repeat business.

Unique Tourist Photos
Do you have any exotic pets? Would you like a business idea that puts your pets to work for you and helps you make money?

Pet Products Consultant
With this business idea you can tap into the 43 billion dollar pet industry to create your own home-based business.

Pet Owners Rentals Directory
This business idea helps you match pet friendly landlords with pet owners looking for a place to rent.

Professional Dog Trainer
If the Dog Whisperer is your favorite show, and you have the right energy and mindset to train dogs, then this business idea could be the right one for you.

Pet Camping Guidebook
Compiling a Pet Camping Guidebook is a great business idea if you don’t mind doing research and cultivating relationships with pet friendly campgrounds.

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