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Small Business Ideas


The travel small business ideas listed in this section would be great for anyone who enjoys travel and working with people.

Add a little twist of creativity and you could be running your own unique tour business, or providing other types of services for travelers.

If you think about the area you live in, depending on the size and location of the city or town, you may find some great travel or vacation business opportunities are just waiting right in your own backyard.

Most of these businesses have very little start up cost too, but may involve a good bit of research and planning.

Of course planning and leading different types of tours are the most likely options for travel businesses, but there are a lot of other creative business ideas related to travel and tourism that I'll be adding to this section.

This section also has some business ideas related to vehicles and transportation.

Everyone has to get around somehow - from cars to bikes, scooters to trikes, anything with wheels is a business opportunity idea waiting to happen.

You can provide services that help people maintain their vehicles, or upgrade and improve them.

So if you are especially bitten by the travel bug, or would like some ideas for a unique service business, check out the business ideas listed here.

Sunblock Service

When people visit any type of beach, there is a huge danger they are facing the sun. What if the beach goers forget to pack their sunscreen, or sun block, with them?

Women's Mystery Tours
This business idea involves creating and running mystery tours for women only. The mystery is that the women will have no clue as to where they are going!

Wine Tasting Tours
This business idea is for wine connoisseurs who would love to share their unique knowledge and get paid for it by conducting wine tasting tours. Of course you must live near wineries.

Mobile Bike Repair Service
If you are bike repair savvy, how about offering a mobile service to fix and maintain people's bikes by going to their home or office with your service.

Water Fuel Car Conversion
This business idea is for you if you are somewhat mechanical and would love to help people save big on their gas bills while cleaning up air pollution too.

Reverse Beeper Installation Service
With this business idea you will help keep children and pets safe, and provide much needed peace of mind to vehicle owners.

Unique Tourist Photos
Do you have any exotic pets? Would you like a business idea that puts your pets to work for you and helps you make money?

Daycare Shuttle
This business idea might be a perfect fit for a stay at home mom who would like a way to make some extra income everyday.

Medical Tourism
If you have an interest in medical treatments and options and/or travel planning then you might find this business idea to have some potential for you.

Mobile Mechanic
This is a great business idea for someone who has some mechanic skills, and would love to own their own business, but does not have the money, cash advance or the inclination to invest in their own shop.

Segway Tours
This great business idea taps into the trend of using the new Segway vehicles, combined with the ever popular tourism market.

Warehouse Vehicle Storage
With this business idea you can help put empty warehouses to use, and also solve people’s vehicle storage problems at the same time.

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